Milestone Two

This is the second milestone of four in my Advanced game art course at Futuregames. During this course I am creating a destructible house using blueprints in Unreal Engine 4 while the models are created in Blender.

Current state

The current blueprint has all the properties that I planned out for it to have. It is a flexible system that is easily expandable with more modules, like more floors or detail meshes. It keeps track of neighboring modules health and sends out an event to the modules that depending on the module being destroyed. They are then going to fall after a small random delay.

This week progresses

In the blocking out of the models I wanted to figure out the correct scale of the house and modules. At the same time make it possible for a seamless texture tilling across multiple modules. I also need to transfer the UV to the different edge pieces and debris to minimize the jump when switching meshes.

As I am used to Mayas UV tools Blender feels a little bit lacking when it comes to setting a fixed texel density. I found some good plugins that helps a lot, but the main workflow I am using is to pin UV vertex to the grid and let unfold setting the correct aspect. Then I use the data transfer modifier to transfer the UV with mixed result to the debris. It will be more noticeable on the edge pieces that need to tile with the module next to it.

The edge pieces and debris need custom collision meshes for not to clip into each other when spawning. Compare the roof auto collision meshes that gets a bit explosive with the manual created one on the wall.

Coming week goals

For the next week I need to find more reference on semi-demolished houses and start constructing the final models. I am going for a brick house with wooden inner structure. Adding detail meshes such as door, windows and drainpipes.

Together with materials for walls, floor and roof I need to study how real time dynamic lightning works. Currently it is almost stock Unreal setup except for distance field and movable lights. It works but the only reflections are screen space, and I do not know how to use the reflection probes with only movable objects.

I am also missing the particle system responsible for spawning sprites and mesh particles to create more volume and mask the mesh swapping, the internal structure and something other than the First Person Projectile to interact with the house.

There will be a lot to do for the next milestone if I want to follow the time schedule, until then keep safe and remember to save!