Milestone One

Last week our Advance Game Art course started at Futuregames. During this course I want to start documenting each milestone in blog form here on my portfolio and Artstation. The course is 4 weeks and includes 4 milestones.

I want to take inspiration from the Battlefield franchise and create a house with modular pieces that can be destroyed and have load bearing properties. Almost like how the houses on Narvik map from Battlefield V. Constructed with and outer shell with modules that can be torn down around a core in the middle with some walls and staircase to give the player some elevation. My goal is to learn more on how destructions could work in game and the limitations destruction brings with it. At the same time get as close as possible to the visual fidelity of Oscar Johanssons work with the buildings in Narvik.

The project will be carried out with Unreal Engine, Blender and Substance Suite. My plan is to compose the house with an indestructible foundation with destructible modules on top. Each module will contain 8 individual edge cap pieces that will be swapped when the module health reaches zero together with debris pieces that will fall with the help of physics. The size of the module will also play a big role in how complex the full house will be. Larger modules will reduce the amount of edge caps is needed. They are also companied with smaller mesh particles and dust sprites that will hide the swapping of meshes behind a smoke curtain.

For the next milestone I will start blocking out the pieces I need to create a first draft of the blueprint controlling the destruction. I am also planning to use dynamic lightning, and this will be the first time for me to setting that up.

Hopefully, my initial research will be enough to at least get me started. Things will probably change along the way when I start blocking stuff out. We will find that out at the next milestone next week, until then keep safe and remember to save!

David Lindh