The community center Dieselverkstaden have been an important institution. The old industrial premises gave me inspiration to the lightning course at Futuregames. Creating a version where the factory was abandoned after production of diesel engines ceased.

With this project I wanted to create something challenging with high contrast butt still maintaining coverage in the extremes. I also wanted to train more on creating realistic materials in Substance Designer as well as realistic foliage.

The environment is built up with modular pieces snapping together in a grid with power of 2. This felt more natural when creating modules at different sizes compared to using metric scale. The materials have 2 variation built in with a puddles function on top. Both is driven by vertex colors with heightmap blending.

The foliage textures were created using the real-time renderer Eevee in Blender. Keeping every model to real world scale and setting up the orthographic camera to 2x2m and render a 2k image, I get the correct texel density that I was aiming for. I am rendering out Maps for basecolor, roughness, normal and a packed texture containing AO, id and blackfacing faces.
The baked maps are then processed through Substance Designer to get cleaned and repacked for the final asset. This made it quick and easy to update the alpha cards when creating the lowpoly if it was something in the textures needed changing.