GP3: And Then Jack Woke Up

Enter the 90s/early 2000s. Jack lives in a nice apartment, has a mundane office job and hobbies. But Jack’s world is slowly crumbling. Objects flicker, elevators lead the wrong way and reality doesn’t seem as real anymore. He’s waking up.

And Then Jack Woke Up is an atmospheric and narrative driven first-person game which takes the player through an ordinary day in the life of Jack. Interact with objects and go about your everyday life. However, something is strange about Jack’s life. His furniture is changing, he is recieving strange messages on his answering machine… and what’s with all these post-it’s?

Things are not what they seem and as different entities appear to reach out to Jack to explain the odd happenings to him, who can one trust?

For the third game project at Futuregames we had to develop a game in Unity for 7 weeks with the following classmates:

David Lindh
Elina Nitsan
Joakim Hammarslätt
Karl Ehrnström
Alan Ismail
Emma Berg
Rickard Dahlberg
Robin Ortryd
Sebastian Unland
Mattias Garcés

My role was a mix of technical and environment artist. Setting up folder structures and naming conventions together with a clear workflow on how to export models from maya and textures from Painter to Unity.

The most advanced I created is the portal that teleports the player back and forward to different locations. We needed a system that could be used multiple times in different orientations in the same level.

In addition to that I also constructed the rooms with an extended shader to control where to apply wall, floor and ceiling textures. Together with a system to control the doors that gives the player feedback when doors open, closes or is locked. It reuses the same animations for all doors and the microwave to speed up production time.

But most importantly, continually troubleshoot and keeping track of performance issues so we could get a solid 60fps for that smooth walking experience.

And not to forget prop creation together with Elina Nitsan. Models I created ranges from doors, workstation, elevator, lobby, coffee machine and room mesh.

The project was entirely collaborated on from home using Perforce for version control and Discord for communication. Streaming our desktops and webcams over Discord almost made it feel like sitting together in an office where you could pop over to your college to see what they were up to.

The game is available for download at

Objects and material I created: